Storytelling You had me at hello
I’ll tell you a story
as old as time
We tell stories... We tell secrets...
We tell lies... We tell truths...
The Mad empire
is a storyteller.
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  • Film
  • Documentary
  • Animation
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  • Social Media
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Stop making sense
You have to be different TO BE NUMBER ONE
Messiahs of the moving image.

As long as it has a beat, it has a heart and if it has a heart, it’s alive. The stories we tell have heart.

We are the creators that give stories life and form; we build them a stage and deliver them an audience. Our tricks are many; illustration, animation, film, video, and music.

Our playground is a vast landscape; film, TV, radio, and the boundless ether of the digital realm.

If it moves, we gave it motion. If it makes a sound, we gave it a voice. If it has life, we gave it a heartbeat. If it is eternal, we gave it a soul.

We are the Deliverers of the Modern Message. The Messiahs of the Moving Image. The Kings of Content.

The Mad Empire is a storyteller for our times.
Documentary It’s been reel
Animation It’s alive!
Make believe
Until it’s true
TV & Film Think inside the box