The Mad Empire A creative agency
for the times
Our ritualistic offerings

Strategy, marketing and communications
are our vehicles for innovation and we use them liberally to captivate your audience. It’s our passion and our obsession.

Eat the menu
Cultural Curation

We connect the dots.
Our dots are always people, places and experiences and we bring the right mix together to connect people to a unique experience.

Get with the program

Our playground is a vast landscape;
film, TV, radio, and the boundless ether of the digital realm. Our tricks are many; illustration, animation, film, video, and music.

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We play favourites We're shamelessly human-centric

That’s why our specialties exist in the human realms: Health, Arts
and Culture, Education, Tourism,
The Creative Industries and our Environment.

We're freaks Can you dig it?
Don't fear difference
fear indifference
We are nose-to-tail