Marketing Shoot the messenger
Weapons of
Mass Distraction

Mad Empire Marketing is the Master of Message,
The Sires of Strategy, The Kaisers of Communications
and… above all… the Enemy of Average.

Everything starts with the message.
Then we make a plan. Then we do it.
  • Business Development
  • Campaign & Advertising
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Media Buying
  • Photography & Illustration
  • Digital & Online Marketing
If you're not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. Jim Rohn
You have to be odd
to be number one.
Dr Seuss
Campaign Tick Tick Boom
The masters of message

Everything starts with the message. Then we make a plan. Then we do it.

Strategy, marketing and communications are our vehicles for innovation and we use them liberally to captivate your audience. It’s our passion and our obsession.

We don’t play the game, we change it.
We use our marketing tools to break all the rules, to make you the leader - never the follower.

We’re odd, and we’ll make you number one with cut-through marketing and communications. We are shameless followers of the cult of personality. Yours.

We have one set of eyes, one heart, one mind, because there needs to be one vision.

We start with business development, pull together a marketing and communications plan and then execute with killer campaign, branding, website, media plans, photography, social media, to deliver one unforgettable blow to the market. As citizens of our Empire, you will never want to leave.

Strategy X Marks the Spot
We Don't play the game
We change it.
Digital We Kill It
Branding Hit me