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There’s nowhere to go
except everywhere.
We don’t play the game We change it
Empires don’t just happen They are built We start with a plan, and then build your empire
Something’s boring I think it’s you.

Empires don’t just happen, they are built.

Everything starts with a plan.
Then we find the message. Then we craft it.

Strategy, marketing and communications are our vehicles for innovation and we use them liberally to captivate your audience. It’s our passion and our obsession.


At The Mad Empire there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ approach because we have no ‘typical’ clients. We think that you have to be odd to be number one.

We’re odd, and we’ll make you number one with cut-through marketing and communications.

We are shameless followers of the cult of personality. Yours.


As our name suggests, The Mad Empire is committed to building great reputations, stand-out brands and burgeoning empires.

As citizens of your unique world, The Mad Empire has a vested interest in building the success of your organisation. We find solutions and bring you opportunities.

We play favourites we’re Shamelessly human centric
That’s why our specialties exist in the human realms: Health, Arts and Culture, Education, Tourism, The Creative Industries and our Environment.