Cultural curation Can I get an encore?
Strap in world
we're about to ride

We are the conduits of culture, the makers of experience
and the lynch-pin of unity, and community.

There is no memory found, just those made.

There is no way around experience
except through it
  • Cultural Creation
  • Arts Events
  • Creative Development
  • Programming & Producing
  • Sponsorship & Fundraising
  • Talent Management
  • Audience Engagement
There is no memory found
only made
Boredom Kills
People. Places. Experiences.

We connect the dots. Our dots are always people, places and experiences and we bring the right mix together to connect people to a unique experience.

At Mad Empire events, festivals or exhibitions can spring up in places, spaces, on streets, and in cities here, there and everywhere.

Wherever there is life, there is art and wherever there is art, there is The Mad Empire throwing on a light switch or building it a stage.

Art, culture, music, design, food and innovation are our weapons of choice. The landscape is our canvas. People are our focus. Events are our business.

We develop contemporary events, activate spaces, fill cracks in forgotten streets with art and life. We cultivate, promote and unleash talent on the world and bring the world’s talent to us. We produce world-class events, we speak every language and invite others to speak ours.

Strap in world, we’ll blow your mind.
Programming & Producing We kill it
Event Strategy Start the party right
Pure. Mad. Genius.
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